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Let’s do things a bit differently for Woe of Shadows . . .
I still spend a lot of time listening to music while I write – a lot of weird but really cool music. As I did with all my other series, I have a Woe of Shadows “soundtrack” for you. But, I’ll only be releasing them one song at a time. And with each song, a snippet of the book.

Cool Fact: This song is a song about death, remembering those who have passed, and about letting them go. It is a song about embracing old traditions and remembering where – and who – you come from.


As next in line for the throne, Amala and her husband Davan Ashcroft took the oaths while the memory of her father’s burning body still resonated in her mind. Once their oaths were voiced before the people, Amala became queen, and Davan became king, and their daughter, still growing in Amala’s womb, had become Princess of the Shadow People.mala paces once more, waiting for Fate to come to her window like he always does when he has news to share. Her fingers trail circles around her swelling abdomen, and a nerve in her eyelid twitches to the stress of the day – to this wrong feeling blanketing the realm. Shadow people have two forms: Their black skin that shines with the thousands of speckled little stars – a galaxy stretching across bones, muscle, and black skin – and their human form with pale white skin. The only feature remaining the same in either form is their bright white hair. Now, feet silently treading the royal master bedroom’s floor, Amala wears her human form. Mostly, Shadow People don’t wear their shadow form unless there is danger or they leave the safety of their kingdom.Fate’s lemon scent washes inside the room, and the lit torches burning along the walls sputter before they blaze to life once more. Amala turns to Fate and his hovering form of swirling black and gold dots. Her feet feel like lead as his emotions roll off him in waves and slam into her ever-present unease.

“Is it done?” Amala asks. She’s almost afraid for the answer, for what he’ll say next determines their future. Amala knew about the Realm’s War, and she was thankful it did not reach the Divine Realm. At least, not yet. 
“It is,” Fate murmurs. His voice comes from seemingly everywhere, and yet nowhere, as if it’s whispered in the wind and Amala’s mind at the same time.
The queen breathes a sigh of relief, grateful she won’t have to ask her people to join the Realm’s War. It’s selfish of her, she knows, but it’s a war she had no interest in aiding. She’ll do anything to maintain the serenity of her kingdom and the joyful lives who live within it.
“Is it who we feared?” Amala asks. Her tone is tentative yet pressing. She glides closer to Fate, gathering her white hair and pulling it over one shoulder. The ends nearly touch her hipbone. “Was it Despair? Has he grown stronger?” Amala isn’t sure she wants the answer.
There are four Divine gods who created all: Fate, Hope, Choice, and Despair. While none started out as good or bad but rather neutral, time has shaped them to be different from one another, rebellious and jealous. Hope and Choice remain largely unbiased and uninvolved, but Despair has grown thirsty to rule all. Once Fate had learned of Despair’s goals, he had intervened, creating five chosen warriors to replace corrupt fee rulers of the other realms, effectively sparking the Realm’s War. 
In intervening the way he did, Fate knows Despair will destroy him. Despair had been close, so close to gaining control of the other realms. Despair had gone as far as possessing the Demon Realm’s ruler, an unforgivable act, and in the end, it had nearly cost Fate everything.
“Yes,” Fate answers with graveness that would make the stars tremble. 

A fox with armor around her heart…

Blair Reynard knows from experience that workplace romances are just not a good idea. Ever. Not even with a certain hunky detective with hungry eyes and a smiley face mask. Up to her eyeballs in crime scene footage, she is determined to find evidence of a killer before he strikes again. But when her co-worker talks her into logging into the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency App, her plans go up in more than just a sizzling puff of smoke.

A wolf running out of time…

Detective Dominic Martinez is hot on the trail of a serial bomber in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. When the new surveillance specialist comes to the attention of his wolf, his world is upended. Winter Bay is about to reopen, but there’s more at stake than just his heart. When a domestic terrorist threatens the people he loves, he must act quickly or risk losing everything. No one gets in the way of an alpha wolf protecting what’s his and the fur is going to fly.

Out of the ashes of doubt, courage is born.

As the dragon queen and her army march on Savania, her powers grow stronger with every battle. When Galentown falls, Edgar fears Northend is next. Armed with ancient fairy magick, his pouch of fairy dust, an assortment of special stones, and a small army, he heads for the Barren to face Soren and her black knights in the biggest war Savania has ever seen.

In the end, there can be only one. Who will it be?

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