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enchanted kingdoms a limited edition twisted fairytale anthology.

Last week, I mentioned that I was accepted into the Enchanted Kingdoms Charity Multi-Author collection. I have a brand new story being published in it, co-written with Daphne Moore. It’s a cyber punk novel called The Girl with No Hands. Writing this with her was beyond exciting! 
All proceeds will be donated to Puzzle Peace United, a charity for autistic children.

You can grab it here. And join the November giveaway here.

Blood Sport, a fiction atlas vampire anthology

This week, I was accepted into the Blood Sport Charity Multi-Author Vampire collection. I have a brand new story being published in it as well, a steam punk about werewolves and vampires and their fued for territory.

All proceeds for this collection will be donated to International Red Cross.

You can grab it here

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What do you find at the end of a dead-end road? I guess that depends where you’re going.
All the roads I’ve traveled since I discovered magic have led to one place. Here I stand at the end, staring into a pit so dark it shouldn’t exist. At least I’m not alone. At least I have true allies and loyal friends, which is more than I ever expected.
The only question remaining – can we win or will everything I’ve sacrificed have been for nothing?

This is not the last book in the Call of the Elements series, but it does finalize the trials AJ endured in the first five books. Don’t miss out on the exciting conclusion to AJ’s first jaunt into the world of magic. Stay tuned for round two.

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