Thanksgiving mini e-book Fair

Thanksgiving is just around this corner. Each week I’ll be posting a few books in mini book fair! Check out these hot stories!

A reluctant heroine who must choose a side—Her fated mate, or her people.

Lily Kaplan’s life is quiet, even for a Tiger shifter. But as one of the few Seers still living, it doesn’t take long for Lily’s serene life to come crashing down around her. She knows where the Keys to release Tiamat and Marduk can be assembled, and now she’s being hunted by Morgan, warchief of the Daoine Sidhe.

So, Lily does the only sensible thing she can do: She meets them head on in a fight.

When she rescues a small boy, her world abruptly shifts. A Lilim named Gaius claims the child as his own, but that’s not what has Lily concerned. She’s attracted to Gaius, and a mate is the last thing she needs while assassins are after her.

Dragging love into her messy life could prove dangerous, fated mate or not.

Unrepentant is a tiger shifter romance. The Seeking and The Reckoning are intertwined trilogies.

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Hungry for some blood-curdling action and adventure? Maybe even a little romance? This clan of talented authors is dying to bring you eleven vampy stories you can really sink your teeth into!

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All proceeds from this anthology will benefit The International Red Cross.

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She’s the new leader of a powerful vampire clan. He’s the business mogul who’s used to getting whatever and whoever he wants. Sparks fly when they meet. Can their chance encounter turn into forever? Or will they be forced apart by a destiny they can’t control?

My family is everything to me. Their survival hinges on my success. And with my Confirmation approaching, one final test of my leadership threatens to destroy all I’ve built. When I meet Drake, he’s the perfect momentary escape I was looking for. But when he refuses to accept that one night is all we’ll have, will I be able to turn him away? Or will I fail when my family needs me the most?

I’ve built my business going after whatever I want. And now, Amelia Montero is the only thing I desire. She drives a hard bargain, but I’ll do anything to win her trust. And her love. When I lay it all on the line, will it be enough? Or will the differences between our worlds destroy what we have?

Sip of Desire is the first in the Starlight City Series. It’s a sweet, steamy short story instalove romance between a strong human hero and his gorgeous CW with a guaranteed HEA. NO cliffhangers and NO cheating.


Caution the evil seated on the East throne.
Listen for the wraiths who hunt the shadows alone.
Peer through the darkness that crosses your sight.
And heed to the prophecy of the fearless starlight.

On any normal evening, Amala Ashcroft, Queen of the Shadow People, would feel honored by a God’s presence. But on this night, Fate, one of the four Divine Gods, does not visit for pleasantries.

There’s a darkness spreading across the kingdoms of the Divine Realm. Innocent villagers are taken as slaves and armies of wraiths hunt for all those who would resist the kingdom in the East’s efforts to rule all.

With the news Fate carries, Amala knows that soon, her people will be the next to fall. But no matter how much she tries to convince them about the true dangers ahead, no one will listen.

Her bright starlight magic won’t be enough to save everyone, so she allows Fate to bless her unborn daughter with unimaginable magical gifts. She can only hope that someday, the Fate-blessed princess will be the true sword who finally cleaves the darkness.

From bestselling and award-winning author D. Fischer, arrives the highly anticipated Heavy Lies the Crown, a series for fans of Throne of Glass, The Red Queen, and The Cruel Prince. The Woe of Shadows is the prequel of Heavy Lies the Crown, all based in the world of D. Fischer’s Divinus Kingdom. Divinus Kingdom is interconnecting novels that branch from one series to the next. The next book is now available for pre-order.

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DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author