The last book in the series

In this book, Aiden Vander "Thrice Born" says, "so much balances on a slim chance." And it truly does. After all, they're going up against centuries old enemies and the war they've been brewing for nearly just as long.  The final battle is here and not everyone survives. This series comes to a final conclusion … Continue reading The last book in the series

Magic. Love. War

Want the action of Throne of Glass? The thrills of Red Queen? A complex other world like Harry Potter? Making a deal with the Fee has its price, and Katriane’s selfless bargain is no exception. However, she didn’t realize that in order to save her coven, she would doom herself and cause a dangerous … Continue reading Magic. Love. War

Audiobook Review: The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth

Awhile back, I had listened to Carve the Mark. Without having revisited my review's blog post, I believe I mentioned that I didn't like the audio version, nor was I particularly interested in the storyline. As a Sci-Fi Dystopian Fantasy of sorts (because really, there's heavy elements of all three), it does have its own … Continue reading Audiobook Review: The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth