Grim Fairytales



In the caves of the steep snow-capped mountains, feathered warriors and protectors of the villages below, are long since forgotten by those they’re meant to protect. The warriors wait and watch, rustling their wings in irritation for when they’re needed once again. It is said that Hope himself created these warriors, but he too, is a piece of history forgotten and replaced by legend. What will they do when the first act of war is taken upon them? Will they find hope once more…or fall into the dark, frigid traps of their own ego?



Life and Death kept Cody from passing through heaven’s gate. As punishment for the wrong he’d done when he was alive, he must walk the earth until the ends of time as a Reaper. Ushering souls to the other side is the only blessed moment he can communicate with another – to talk and touch and share memories, all the while providing comfort in their next phase of existence. Cody loathes his punishment, for the woman he loves has moved on and found another.
But… when she arrives on Cody’s list, all he can think about is how to save her life.



Inside the city of Dirth, the town bustles, the creatures roam while the humans remain unaware, and the steam rises, mixing with the ominous clouds. Isobella, a master chemist, watches it from her windows within her tiny living quarters, unable to leave. She was well-known among the human race . . . until Romaine turned her into a werewolf, using her knowledge for his own power. Romaine’s desire is to defeat the other werewolf clan taking over his city, and Isobella is the key. Will Isobella do what Romaine asks of her? Or will she turn the tables?