Night of Terror, a true story horror series by D. Fischer

How do you explain something that you can’t prove or touch?

You know without a doubt that something is there, lurking in the corner, watching your every move yet invisible to the naked eye … Your heart thuds and pounds against your ribs. Your fear spikes so high that your stomach twists and turns, and your pores prick with chill before layering your skin with a fine sheen of sweat. And when you sleep . . . you can feel them, smell them, see them, but no one else can. It haunts you in the night, holding you prisoner to your bed, tormenting you with an unrelenting terror. You’re paralyzed and helpless, unable to scream, unable to think rationally . . . unable to move.

Is this the trick of the mind, or is Victoria truly plagued with REAL demons?

Based on a true story, it’s the stuff of nightmares . . . literally.