Prurient’s Bluff


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by Penelope Pattelbottom  
Co-written by Lucille Moncrief and D. Fischer


Small town, big secrets.

Not all is what it seems in sleepy Prurient’s Bluff, a quiet little town in Southeastern Ohio. Beneath its picturesque surface, the inhabitants heed to their dark, innermost desires. Ropes tighten, lashes sing, stilettos click on the tile floor of the local “nail salon.”

No one is who they say they are, and someone is always watching and listening in Prurient’s Bluff.

Shhh . . .

If you like secrets, soap operas, and salacious, quick reads, you’ll love the authoress Pattelbottom’s new series, Prurient’s Bluff. Grab your copy today to escape into another world!

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