Reading Order

Same world.

A tree of branching plots.

Characters whose stories never truly end.

The Cloven Pack Series

Rise of the Realms Series

Howl for the Damned Series

Heavy Lies the Crown Series – Coming 2020

The Way of the Wicked Series (A Shifter Series) – Coming 2021

Blood of the Guardians Series (A Guardian Realm Series) – Coming 2021

A Breath of Sea and Fire (A Demon Realm Series) – Coming 2022

A Chorus of Silent Hearts (A Death Realm Series) – 2022

Empire of Sand and Dreams Series (A Dream Realm Series) – Coming 2023

Divinus Kingdom is interconnecting novels that branch from one series to the next. Each series plot never fully closes. Instead, it leaves room for a connecting plot that expands into another series with new or familiar characters.

Stand Alones

Night of Terror Series

Grim Fairytales