Reading Order

Same world.

A tree of branching plots.

Characters whose stories never truly end.

The Cloven Pack Series

Rise of the Realms Series

Howl for the Damned Series

Heavy Lies the Crown Series

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What’s Next in the Kingdom?

The Way of the Wicked Series (A Shifter Series) – Estimated 2022

Blood of the Guardians Series (A Guardian Realm Series) – Estimated 2022

A Breath of Sea and Fire (A Demon Realm Series) – Estimated 2023

A Chorus of Silent Hearts (A Death Realm Series) – Estimated 2024

Empire of Sand and Dreams Series (A Dream Realm Series) – Estimated 2024

Divinus Kingdom is interconnecting novels that branch from one series to the next. Each series plot never fully closes. Instead, it leaves room for a connecting plot that expands into another series with new and/or familiar characters.

Stand Alones

Night of Terror Series

Grim Fairytales

Pirates of Serpent Sea

Silver Hands

Court of Storm and Sea

Empire of Demons

Other Books Outside of the Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdoms Charity Anthology – Puzzle Peace United

BloodSport Charity Anthology – International Red Cross

Beyond The Veil Charity Anthology – High School Writing Program

Acts of Divinity Anthology

Under the Deep Anthology – September 2021