The Rise of the Realms Series is part of the Divinus Kingdom.

“It’s nature, to fight to live, even until your very last breath.”

From award-winning author D. Fischer, arrives the highly anticipated and epic story of Rise of the Realms, a series for fans of Throne of Glass, Red Queen, and Six of Crows alike.

Her fate was chosen long before she was born.

Making a deal with the enemy has its price. A modern day witch’s bargain is no exception.

Katriane DuPont only wanted to save her coven. Instead, she’s finds herself alone, hunted, and directly in the middle of a power struggle between those who rule the realms.

Now, both dangerous and in danger, Kat must learn to survive with powerful magic she can’t control before it’s too late and she becomes a pawn in a brewing war.

Kat isn’t a normal witch anymore. She’s something else entirely.