Stand Alones

Aerina, princess of the Bering Sea, doesn’t want her title. The sirens are cruel creatures where she is kind-hearted. She fell in love with a human, an unlawful act among her kind. Will she be able to protect her love? Or will the sirens seek their revenge?
A classic little mermaid retelling!

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What will you do to protect those you love?

Sage lived like a pampered doll; her destiny an arranged marriage to a suitable mate to please her family and preserve their business and position in society.

In a single life-shattering night, she accepted exile and sacrificed her hands to save her family from ruin.Cast out in the depths of Lowtown, she found the will to survive.

Can she forge a bridge to reach for the love she was forced to abandon?

Silver Hands is a fairy tale retelling of The Handless Maiden, set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world.

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