2018 – A Successful Year

I’d like think was success, anyway. I reached every single one of last years goals, and THEN some.

I didn’t exactly keep track of everything that happened in 2018, but I’ll try to make note of what I’m most proud of.

What I’m most proud of is that I made 15 times the income in 2018 than I did in 2017. This, I pump my fist to.

My second best accomplishment is winning an Iowa award for one of my stories. 


Here’s my year in a nutshell.

The beginning of 2018 verses the end of 2018:

  • Instagram Followers: 143 / 795
  • Twitter Followers: 356 / 691
  • Facebook Followers: 1,009 total / 2,133 total
  • Email Followers: 1,700 / 1817 with a new system to trim emails of inactive subs
  • Bookbub: 0 / 762
  • Bookfunnel 0 / 47
  • Goodreads Followers: 196 / 282
  • ARC Team: 25 / 58
  • Blog Helpers: 0 / 72
  • Pinterest views: 700 / 22,000
  • Blog follows: 25 / 184


Awards Won:

  • IBEA Short Story Award, 1st place


Books Published:

Last year I had *9* books published. Today, I have *18* published with a 19th coming at the beginning of this year.


What I’ve Learned & Mastered:

  • Full Length Covers
  • High understanding of Amazon, Bookbub, Facebook Ads
  • Book Formatting for both ebook and paperback without a program
  • The art of cover making with free programs
  • New websites discovered to help with ads
  • The art of Keyword Mastery *giggles*
  • How to best social media market and truly find an organic reach/interested parties without dozens of sleepless nights working away until my fingers bleed
  • How to sell books without forking over a dime
  • High understanding of algorithms in every place I market
  • Made ****15 TIMES**** the amount of income of 2017


2019 Goals:

  • Publish the rest of Rise of the Realms series (5 total books)
  • Build a backlist of books (One extra series waiting to be published so I can stay ahead of the game)
  • Double my income
  • Activate my personal VIP group and build better relationships with them
  • Reach a higher Pinterest following
  • Read marketing books
  • Read leisurely – a total of at least one book a month (sounds silly, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time for other’s books except for audio. Reading is the best tool an author can have.)
  • Back down on the extra stuff I’m doing in the author community to further my career and reach my goals


That’s it! Thanks for sticking with me guys!