A Book Recommendation



I bought this book at a book fair, and I’m SO happy I did. I stumbled across quite the gem!
The author, Aaron Bunce, has a way of telling a story that makes everything so visual, so sensory, that it captives a reader’s attention. And the characters: each have their own personality, some I didn’t like, some I did, but I found that I enjoyed it that way – picking sides and those I could relate to, finding characters I loved to hate. It takes quite a bit of talent to make characters like that. I was truly impressed by this author’s skill in doing so.
I also enjoyed the world quite a bit, as well as the story line and plots and twists. There’s not one complaint I have about this book, and I plan to pick up the next!
Can’t wait to see what else this author has and where his bright future will take him. Highly recommended!