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Magic. Love. War

Want the action of Throne of Glass? The thrills of Red Queen? A complex other world like Harry Potter? Making a deal with the Fee has its price, and Katriane’s selfless bargain is no exception. However, she didn’t realize that in order to save her coven, she would doom herself and cause a dangerous… Continue reading Magic. Love. War


A Book Review: The Atonement Trilogy: Bryan Gifford

I plucked this book from Zon's shelf for a few reasons. One: That cover though. Don't deny it - we all judge a book by its cover.  Two: Swords. Fantasy and swords. War. Revenge. Seriously, nothing could go wrong here. Three: This series was all over my social media. Curiosity had swept in and took… Continue reading A Book Review: The Atonement Trilogy: Bryan Gifford


Deleted Scene – Rise of the Realms 3

RIFT (RISE OF THE REALMS BOOK THREE) DELETED SCENE EPIC FANTASY, URBAN FANTASY, DARK FANTASY   DYSON COLEMAN DEATH REALM   It’s the scent of death that rolls my stomach, twisting my intestines in tangled knots. I’ve smelled this aroma before, but not to this magnitude. It’s overpowering and practically impossible to ignore for a… Continue reading Deleted Scene – Rise of the Realms 3