Release Day!

Today is release day for Howl for the Damned 3. This book is 99 cents until the end of July ♥️. Enjoy the series!

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With the traitor discovered, Jinx Whitethorn takes Jacob Trent back to the home she grew up in. Bringing her shifter boyfriend to a house full of witches is asking for trouble, but Jinx is beyond caring what they think. She needs answers. Answers only they might provide. And they’re willing to endure the hostility to get them.
Surrounded by witch knowledge and magic, Jinx learns more about the curse her father placed on the Bane Pack. But that’s not all. She’s learning to harbor secrets of her own. She can’t keep dodging the Bane Pack, and if she wants to end this, she’ll have to do it alone. 
Jacob would never approve of what Jinx is going to do. He can never know. Not until it’s too late to stop her.

The Rival of Species is the third book of Howl for the Damned, a series based in the world of D. Fischer’s Divinus Kingdom. Divinus Kingdom is interconnecting novels that branch one series to the next.

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