The last book in the series

In this book, Aiden Vander "Thrice Born" says, "so much balances on a slim chance." And it truly does. After all, they're going up against centuries old enemies and the war they've been brewing for nearly just as long.  The final battle is here and not everyone survives. This series comes to a final conclusion … Continue reading The last book in the series

Free Book Alert

Shortly here, I will no longer be participating in giveaways, which means I'll have to resort to the good ole fashion Amazon freebie alerts for those following my blog. But today... today I'm recommending mine. The Vault (A Rise of the Realms Collection) has a new cover, and along with it, it's set permanently free … Continue reading Free Book Alert

A Book Recommendation: Blood Destiny by Connie Suttle

I was a late bloomer when it came to my reading habits. Sure, I read throughout my whole life, but most of it was homework related as a teen. I didn't actually start loving it until I needed it. All readers need their books. We can't help it, and when we find what genre we … Continue reading A Book Recommendation: Blood Destiny by Connie Suttle