Free Book Alert

Shortly here, I will no longer be participating in giveaways, which means I'll have to resort to the good ole fashion Amazon freebie alerts for those following my blog. But today... today I'm recommending mine. The Vault (A Rise of the Realms Collection) has a new cover, and along with it, it's set permanently free … Continue reading Free Book Alert


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FREE FANTASY BOOKS Once a week I try to provide my blog followers and readers with free novels or novellas. While most of them are short stories, they're still excellent for my penny pinching friends. I snagged a few myself. I feel that providing free content this is important to the reading community, and to … Continue reading FREE FANTASY BOOKS

A Book Recommendation: Nefarious Series: Lucille Moncrief

  Author Lucille Moncrief, a well-educated writer and a long-time fan of the steampunk genre, has a wonderful vampire out. Nefarious is a steampunk series, but it's not your typical story. It's a True Blood meets Fifty Shades kinda series. It's filled with fantasy, vampires, half-breeds, and nefarious, and sometimes sexy, events. I find the … Continue reading A Book Recommendation: Nefarious Series: Lucille Moncrief

Grim Reaping Reads Book Fair

FREE & DISCOUNTED BOOKS OCTOBER 28-31 a reader's trick-or-treat  A Hauntingly Romantic Winter | The Otherworld 3.00 ebook discount/20.00 collection piece paperback discount Dark Fairy Tale Collection Book Dark. Romantic. Frigidly beautiful. Not all fairy tales are meant for children. Magic, love, and mystery abound in this adult-themed fairy tale book. Let the freezing cold, … Continue reading Grim Reaping Reads Book Fair