Strength in a Eye

When emotion fills each chamber in a single heart and twists invisible tight ropes around a slender throat, warm salty tears well in eyes too proud to blink for fear of displaying vulnerability.

But each tear that trickles from our eyes, travels over the slopes of our heated cheeks, and drips from our jaw is a memory, and memories can be found with but one look inside another’s true eye.

Take a step closer, lean in, match nose to nose and look upon what you truly see inside the swirling colors of another, and the black iris’ that dilate as you do.

You’ll find a soul, one which grieves and rejoices. One that has desires built by heartache and failure, and hidden behind a wall made of sturdy brick. One who’s learned from sin and vowed to never make the same mistake twice while tucking it in a safe pocket of their mind, set to alarm.

This is your door – the eye of a dreamer, wisher, seeker. This is your chance to sooth what has been broken, to feel what has been hidden, to share a burden to great for one body. Break down the brick, and disarm the alarm. Show them not to be afraid of making a display, for it is evidence of their strength, not their weakness.