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4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy being on your team. I hate what Amazon is doing to a lot of authors. It’s sad. Now I get to help you get all the exposure available to me. I’m excited.

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  2. Thought you might enjoy a sample. thanks for all the time you shared during your signing at M&M today. oldbuck
    One of life’s treasures.

    I have something whose “cash” value
    Is of little concern
    But its value to me is growing,
    This is something I learn.

    I have a neat treasure
    Tiffany is the name.
    The halo ‘round her face
    Like pure gold, all the same.

    The day that we met
    All wrapped in light blue
    With long, flowing ribbons
    The very same hue.

    When we first came together
    I proudly showed her to friends.
    Now when they greet us
    They may think there’s no end.

    When I turn to her
    With a questioning look.
    She’s seldom ever wrong
    Reads my mind like a book.

    She’s so full of energy
    Her hands never stop,
    I’m so proud of her
    My shirt buttons may pop.

    We’d been together
    But a very short time.
    I add a gold band
    She looks really fine.

    But we do part at bedtime
    It wouldn’t be right.
    Her face on my pillow
    By my side through the night.

    There’s no guarantee
    How long this will last,
    I’m just hoping the future
    Is as good as the past.

    The way things are looking
    We’re both in good shape
    Maybe we’ll go out together
    In a box that’s flag draped.

    Now I thank my employer
    For giving to me.
    This neat little watch
    The brand ?….. Tiffany.

    Written by oldbuck about the 25 yr. watch he received from his employer, Rockwell Collins.
    The rhyme was written for and read at,
    an adult Sunday school class party.
    Each one had been asked to share something about themselves others might not know. :o)
    This would be the start of my rhyming phase. ‘o)
    I’ve always thought of the many rhymes I’ve written this was the best.
    I have started all of my books with this.
    I hope you found the humor in it.

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