It’s getting real, folks!

New changes are happening and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve recently reached out to a final editor and a cover designer for Makenna Goldwin’s Story. – Yes, I’ve done things ass-backwards – With these new changes, I’ve made a BIG choice.

Ready for this?

I will be RELAUNCHING my published books, PLUS adding the second book in the series at the end of August. What does this mean? The books that are published will have new titles, new covers, and will be fully edited.

Below you will see the new titles and blurbs, PLUS a view of the second and third book’s blurb.

About the RELAUNCH: The first and second book will be updated and posted on the same day. They will also be posted as FREE but for only FIVE days. You’ll be able to find them on Amazon for e-book purchase and Kindle Unlimited. There will come a day when I provide paperback, BUT, that day isn’t today.

The DATE of the RELAUNCH will soon come! Follow my page & check back for cover reveals and updates!


A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One)

If you had an extra sense, would you consider it a curse . . . or a gift? What if it stood in the way of everything you’ve ever wanted?

Makenna Goldwin has spent her life knowing she’s different. She was born cursed with a gift and blind to the true meaning of it. Alone and distrustful, she’s determined to survive in a world where she has no one, except herself.

As Alpha to the Cloven Pack, Evo Johnson has a duty to protect his wolves. He has every intention of keeping their race a secret, even if that means hunting down the deranged rogue shifter who is threatening to expose them.

When Evo and Makenna meet, the sparks fly, but neither one is ready to accept the truths that lay in front of them.

A Gifted Curse is the first book in the Cloven Pack Series. If you like a strong female lead and a true alpha male, you’ll fall in love with Makenna and Evo as they navigate through the twists and turns of this paranormal shifter romance.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


Caught in the Crossfire (The Cloven Pack Series: Prequel)

The Cloven Pack struggles through rough times with a sadistic Alpha. With no relief in sight, will they be able to find a way to rid themselves of this burden? Or will a life have to be sacrificed to save another?

Caught in the Crossfire, a short story Prequel to A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One), is a twisted tale of love and rebellion. Dive into the past with the Cloven Pack’s mated pair, Kelsey Rylend and Jeremy Tompkin, and discover what it holds.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


Out of the Darkness (The Cloven Pack Series: Book Two)

Brenna Johnson knows who her mate is. She has her entire life. But there’s one problem. Cloven Pack Beta Benjamin Grobin has no idea she’s anything other than the Alpha’s little sister. He’s blind to their predestined love and she’s ready to escape the torment of not being able to claim her mate.

Both victims of the old Alpha, Brenna and Benjamin have their own inner demons to fight. When will they realize their only salvation is each other? And will they be able to come together in time to protect the Pack?

When two enemies of the Cloven Pack surface and promise retaliation, the Pack must work together to defend their territory and those within it.

Out of the Darkness is the second book in the Cloven Pack series, a paranormal shifter romance.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


Above This Grave (The Cloven Pack Series: Book Three)

After hours of torture, Flint Rockland’s wolf refuses to let him take control and shift back to human form. Believing he’s protecting his human half, he doesn’t understand when Flint starts slipping away. Then their eyes land on Irene Scott. Is she their only salvation? Can she ease the wolf and heal the man?

Irene Scott, a midwife wolf shifter from the Riva Pack, is spending time on Cloven Pack territory, helping their Alpha female throughout her pregnancy. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Irene struggles with the cards she’s been dealt. When Irene meets the Cloven Pack wolf who refuses to shift, her world turns upside down. How can she possibly save everyone she loves? Will she be able to save the Cloven Pack from her own mistakes?

Above This Grave, the third book in The Cloven Pack Series, is a tale of love in the face of all-consuming betrayal, unexpected tragedy, and heartbreaking discoveries.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.

Published by

DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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