Flash Fiction

4 – Rise of the Realms Spin-off Short Story

Since the day Kat DuPont made a deal with the Fee of the Earth Realm, each realm has begun to merge. Follow along with Rise of the Realms flash fiction short stories, and watch as her consequences unfold.

To the readers: Each flash fiction will be written from scratch at the time of posting – a complete “on the spot” writing of the author’s imagination. Each story will be written and posted immediately, untouched by an editor. At no time may this be copied or reproduced in any way, without permission. (C) D. Fischer 2018.

In the dark depths of the alley, an inhumane screech reaches the keen ears of Tobee, an angel of the Guardian Realm. He glides overtop the space between the two brick buildings, his white feathered wings cutting through the salty, chilly breeze as he flies to his destination.

Angling his wings, he sharpens his gaze to discover the cause of such a sound.

For hundreds of years, Tobee has dipped through the puffy clouds in the Earth Realm’s sky. He’s roamed it’s soil with shoeless feet to watch over his human charges, but this realm holds many wonders for Tobee, many undiscovered territories he dreams of investigating himself. Angels thirst adventure, crave the unknown, and patiently await the next battle to heed their insatiable warrior appetites.

The cry calls again, echoing up the brick walls with animalistic wails. Tobee’s sharp eyes take in the sight of a scraggly tabby cat who’s seen better days, tucked beside a rusted dumpster while toying with its prey. The tabby holds the head of a rat in its mouth while the rat fights to free itself from the jaws of its own death, preferring to have his meal filled with fear before consumption. The cat acts as though it is unaffected – as though the screams and pleas are beneath him and his kingdom of crumbling brick.

Barbaric. A brutal circle of life, Tobee thinks to himself, preparing to turn and venture past the city lines. He scowls. Though, I suppose the Guardian Realm isn’t without its share of hungry predators.

Due to instinct, Tobee searches the remaining stretch of alley. The heart beating inside his wrist thumps a hard pump as a recognizable creature of the Death Realm waits, crouched, at the edge, stalking his own prey.


Tobee silently swoops down and perches himself at the edge of the brick building. An internal war battles within his thoughts. A woman walks alone down the sidewalk, and if she crosses the alley entrance, she will be the vampire’s next meal. It’s a painful and frightening death to die such a way – to have the blood drained from your veins, knowing this is your end.

Angels of the Guardian Realm are to do but one thing – protect their own charges. However, as Tobee surveys the scene, this woman’s protector, her angel, is nowhere to be found. Not all angels take their charge’s safety seriously. Tobee must make a decision, and he must make it quick – to save the woman, or to follow the rules and let her die.

Gritting his teeth, he tucks his wings close to his back and dives from the building. At the right moment, he expands them, the feathers providing the resistance to drop soundless and safely to the crack pavement of the dark alley, just behind the unsuspecting vampire.

Tobee takes no pause. Grabbing the creature of the dead by the scruff of his tattered collar, he yanks, sending the vampire deeper into the dark alley. Mid-air, the vampire hisses, spins, and lands firmly on his feet in a crouched position. Tobee rustles his feathers, agitated due to the insignificant threat this creature poses to him. He thunders down the alley with a murderous expression. He could call upon Ire, his bow, but that’d be too easy, void of the adventure he craves.

Tobee stalks past the tabby cat who’s coiled against the dumpster, wide-eyed and fluffed, matted fur.

The vampire lunges, leaping into the air in a blur of speed, but angels are built for battle. Tobee’s keen eye detects each subtle, yet swift movement.

Tobee bends his knees, turns sharply, and delivers a blow to the leaping, feral vampire with his expanded wings. Tobee hears the breath leave the vampires lungs before his spine slams into the brick wall. He turns, swiftly lifting his arm and wraps his fingers around the vampire’s neck, holding him hostage against the wall.

The click of heels walk past the alley entrance, and the vampire’s red eyes turn toward the sound. Tobee refuses to look, wanting the vampire to see his own meal make the escape, unaware of what her fate had almost been. The heel’s clatter ends, and the vampire’s furious blood-red eyes turn back to Tobee.

Deeming it safe from human eyes, Tobee’s halo appears above his head, filling the dark alley with a brilliant white light. The pale skin of the vampire, and the black veins riddled within, seem more detailed under his halo’s scrutiny.

“This isn’t your place, Guardian,” the vampire hisses, a poor attempt to plea.

“It isn’t yours either, yet here you are.” Tobee laughs without humor and flicks his tongue out to lick his bottom lip. “Our little secret?” He tilts his head, considering. “Although, your voice wouldn’t carry from the Void.”

The vampire’s eyes widen as Tobee leans forward, planting his lips firmly on the vampire’s. The vampire’s flails his limbs, digs his nails into Tobee’s skin, and struggles under the Angel’s Kiss, a certain death. A death that would send the twice dead straight to the Void. No one escapes the Void.

His halo’s light brightens further, the vampire’s struggles tiring as his carcass withers, until there’s nothing left but a pile of ash on the cement. Tobee watches the fine, charred grain, a gentle breeze sweeping in the alley to carry the evidence away.

He turns, his gaze landing on the tabby and its lifeless prey, left forgotten beside the dumpster. They lock eyes, and he ponders the cats expression – fear of the greater predator.


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