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As you’ve noticed, I put a giant pause on writing the Wisp of Fate series on my blog.

August was a terrible month for me and my family. We had a death of a loved one, back to school for my oldest, last minute vacations we managed to squeeze in, family visits for across state lines, and a boat-load of mishaps in between. We discovered my youngest is allergic to cats, so we had to re-home them as well. This was days after the death of a loved one, so we were hit pretty hard with emotions.

I’m behind on so many things – my to-do list is a frightening mile long and I’ve seriously considered finding a personal assistant. I’m participating in a contest, a winter fairy tale collection, and I released this little gem.

The next release is Night of Terror Three, which should be out in a few weeks if nothing else happens to get in my way. I’m beginning to think I’m a magnet for disaster. Seems to be how my life is going lately, and all I can do is laugh… or sob quietly in a corner *wink*.

After I complete Night of Terror three and load it to Amazon, I’ll be finishing Rise of the Realms three. I have too many projects open, and the goal is to close out many of them. I need my focus to be in certain areas, areas that I care about most… like the worlds I’ve built and the characters I think of as my own children.

Until I can get caught up, I will be halting the free blog reads, and subbing with little sanity chats, like this one, so please hang in there. I’ll get around to picking it back up… I hope.

In the meantime, it’d help if I knew I had your support!

Until my next ramble,

D. Fischer

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