I love a good spooky story.

And I do.

As a teen, I would look up stories at this time of year, searching for true paranormal activities. And every time I would, I’d have nightmares for a few nights and every hallway light would be on. For a while there, I would even cover my TV just in case it turned on by itself…haha.

I never thought I’d be the one on the other end of this – I never thought I’d be the one telling the world what happened to me and my family. But here I am, getting ready to release the third and final Night of Terror book – my ‘demons’ out on display.

Let me tell you a little about what you can expect.

Of course, all the names of been changed in the books, but the story is the same as what ACTUALLY happened to me in real life. After ‘all this’ went down, I discovered it wasn’t just me who it was happening to – it was my entire family. Everyone under my roof was affected by the ‘paranormal activity.’

For several years, most nights. I would have night terrors, coupled with sleep paralysis and hallucinations. For those who do not know the difference between a night terror and a nightmare, please google it. There’s a BIG difference, and once you have a night terror, the way you look at the world is completely different.

My sleep paralysis was painful. I’m talking PAINFUL people – bawling my eyes out painful. My hallucinations were so real, so vivid, I could smell things with them – especially on the little boy that’d visit me while holding me hostage in my half asleep half awake state.

Last year, I put a call out for people to tell me a spooky story – a true one. They were to comment on my Facebook status and continue the thread so I could get my yearly Halloween fill.

One gal commented that she could “see demons on people.” And then it all got real….

How real? Well, you’ll have to read to find out.

Click here to get started: NIGHT OF TERROR SERIES

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