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On the outside, her presence is wild and deceiving, a practiced bright smile on a youthful, pleasant face. She grins to spread the world with joy, knowing it’s needed when darkness lingers in every solemn corner. This world is comforted by smothering deception as generous as the towering grey buildings crowding every street. On the inside however, she’s crippled, drowned by a darkness that consumes the bustling people around her. To her, it feels like ropes tethered to weights and wrapped around her barely beating heart, it’s only goal to drag her under a raging water with tides too high for any skilled sailor. But when she smiles, she finds she’s contagious. A show of false euphoria is most often returned in kind, and one by one, the rope’s chaffing strands unravel its grip from the insides of her chest, and she can breathe once more, if only for a moment. A moment is all she needs. A moment, one smile, can last a lifetime if it’s gifted from another’s true heart.


I’ve been doing a lot of picture stories as a creative outlet. I hope you enjoy a few here and there ❤️ please note, these are not part of any book or story I am writing. These are just stories that pop in my head when I’m drawn to a picture.


Published by

DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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