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anthology A Hauntingly Romantic Winter | The Otherworld

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Dark Fairy Tale Collection Book

Dark. Romantic. Frigidly beautiful. Not all fairy tales are meant for children.
Magic, love, and mystery abound in this adult-themed fairy tale book. Let the freezing cold, the glittering frost, and the howling wind be softened by a layer of dreamlike stories. Inside this collection, you will find warmth and shelter from the outside world, while entering magic lands filled with faeries, cryptic women lurking in forests, magical mirrors, archers and hunters on a quest for glory and more.
Drift into this story collection and be ready to shiver with delight.

cp 1 ebbok

A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One) | D. Fischer

FREE | Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

 If you had an extra sense, would you consider it a curse . . . or a gift? What if it stood in the way of everything you’ve ever wanted? Makenna Goldwin has spent her life knowing she’s different. She was born cursed with a gift and blind to the true meaning of it. Alone and distrustful, she’s determined to survive in a world where she has no one, except herself. As Alpha to the Cloven Pack, Evo Johnson has a duty to protect his wolves. He has every intention of keeping their race a secret, even if that means hunting down the deranged rogue shifter who is threatening to expose them. When Evo and Makenna meet, the sparks fly, but neither one is ready to accept the truths that lay in front of them.

kristy 1

The Opal Blade | Kristy Nicolle

99 CENTS | Dark Fantasy

When Sephy Sinclair is forced to sign a contract taking over her father’s business empire, she’s not happy. What she doesn’t know though, is that in having her Father’s legacy thrust upon her, she’s about to discover the secret lives of her parents, and most importantly that her lineage is steeped far deeper in ancient myth and magic than she ever anticipated. Journey, with Sephy, through The Hollow and find yourself among the sinners of Mortaria, The Underworldian City ruled by a council of Gods made mortal. Here, she will seek sanctuary beneath a purple sun and vermillion sky, ruled by Haedes, a man broken beyond repair by an incident far too close to home. Unfortunately for Sephy, it is Haedes alone who can teach her how to wield her newfound powers. Will he overcome his personal loss in time to save Sephy as she is hunted by the Demon Lords of Ancient, or will Sephy be used as a bargaining chip to bring Mortaria to its knees?

kristy 2

The Onyx Hourglass| Kristy Nicolle 

$2.99 | Dark Fantasy

It’s been six months since Xion and Haedes began their search for The Book of The Dead, and with the arrival of a warning from above, they know they can’t be far from their goal. Meanwhile in Mortaria, Luce and Thane are left scrambling to keep things running, putting their relationship under more strain than ever before and making Luce question her ability to wield the dark magic she finds so alluring. Then there’s Pandora, who has been quiet ever since that night at the dark Colosseum, but why? Demon numbers are seemingly decreasing, and yet animalistic murders in downtown Chicago, which are leaving local authorities stumped, seem to indicate a shift in the way the Demon Lords are operating from the traditions they have observed for thousands of years. Can Sephy be brought back? And if she can, will she return as the sassy, sarcastic Sephy Sinclair we all know and love, or will something else entirely return from beyond the grave?


Night of Terror 3 | D. Fischer

99 CENTS | Horror

“There are a few authors that do manage to get in my head enough with their work. This gal’s book has done PRECISELY that. I had nightmares for two nights straight!” Amazon Reviewer. As the third and last installment in this series, the Night of Terror story continues. A demon attempts to take over the house while an outside party works to rid what plagues Victoria and her family. Will Victoria find peace among real demons? Will it save her family? Or will the demon consume her sanity?


Redemption (William of Archonia Book One) | Jarod Meyer


William had a tough life, and when it comes to a sudden and inexplicable end, he realizes that he is far from prepared for what comes next. He is not only plunged into a new world, but another place of existence…Archonia. And in Archonia, the physical limitations of his previous life no longer bind him. Walking amongst ancient philosophers and heroes of old, he soon discovers that not only is he much stronger than he remembered, but powers once reserved for fictional superheroes lie just within his grasp. But as in life, his existence in Archonia isn’t simple or easy. WIlliam quickly discovers that by Archonian standards his soul isn’t pure, and in a twist, he wasn’t supposed to be brought to Archonia at all. His one chance to remain in paradise is to become a Guardian, the strongest and most honored of warriors. He must learn to harness his true potential, fight the ingrained bigotry of this ancient world, and an unsuspecting plot that might just bring it all down around him. William’s only chance at a second life is…REDEMPTION.


Reborn (Rise of the Realms Book One) | D. Fischer

99 CENTS | Urban/Epic Fantasy

“This isn’t a place for beating hearts. This is death, and death is endless.”
Five people. Five crossing fates. One person’s actions change their lives forever.
Making a deal with the Fee has its price. In Katriane Dupont’s case, it comes with scales and an unlimited amount of power. The consequences of her actions unfold with crippling events, shifting the realms. Shades cross the Death Realm, and an angel, determined for answers, clips her wings. Can Kat control what’s within her? Or will it consume her?
“It’s nature, to fight to live, even until your very last breath.”

Carol Marshall

The Demon Dealer | Carol James Marshall

FREE | Horror

Everybody wants one, until they get one. Want to own your own demon, loyal not only to you but also to those you love? In La Puerta, you can. Wanting a demon of his own, Ted, the son of a maid, returns home to La Puerta with his family to own his first demon, and join the idyllic town’s clandestine society. Though glamorous with its exquisite beauty and elegance, La Puerta like all cities has many secrets of its own. If you love dark, complex characters, and a good vs evil struggle, then you must get your copy of The Demon Dealer today.

cover - Lucille Moncrief

Hannibal Steele and the Bone Elixir | Lucille Moncrief 

FREE | Steampunk/Dark Fantasy/Horror

A captured mermaid, two vampire hives on the brink of war, and a bored, sadistic king weave a tale of forbidden love in this spin-off from Moncrief’s Nefarious series. Follow Hannibal Steele, chief alchemist of the Scion Hive, as he races against the clock to produce the coveted Bone Elixir. Will he finish the elixir in time before the Great King Abaddon murders Hannibal’s love, Emmeline, princess of the rival Minoa Hive? Find out in this thrilling, fast-paced tale set in a steampunk world, where the sea rises in anger at the capture of her princess, wolves howl within the hoary swirls of a white potion, and mermaids join forces with a lonely alchemist in the foggy Georgia night.


Crave (Ladies of Death) | Tiki Kos


One bite will change her life. After surviving a brutal attack that killed her father in the secluded Wolfmere Mountains, Sunny Armstrong finds herself stronger, faster, and hungrier than before. Determined to get her pound of flesh, she swears vengeance on her father’s killers. Sunny is thrust into the middle of a deadly war between the Disciples of Wolfmere’s resident biker gang, and the shapeshifting Nokado tribe. With the help of her new shapeshifting friend Igasho, Sunny sharpens her new skills only to come up short and unable to fully shift. In the search for revenge and understanding of her new wolfish side, only one thing is certain: blood will spill, and heads will roll. For fans of werewolves, all things paranormal, and star-crossed lovers, Crave is part one of Tiki Kos’ Ladies of Death quartet.


Still Falling | Martin Wilsey

99 CENTS | Science Fiction

Barcus is a working stiff looking for a good paycheck. When the Ventura and its crew enter orbit for a scheduled planet survey, the ship activates an automated defense system protecting the planet. Although the Ventura is destroyed in the attack, Barcus alone survives the harrowing fall to the remote planet surface. He struggles to remain alive and sane, and to discover why everyone he knew and loved on the Ventura was deliberately murdered. Swinging between despair and fury, Barcus discovers that for every answer he obtains, there are more questions raised. Barcus is assisted by the Emergency Module, Em, his most useful tool. It is an Artificial Intelligence system contained in an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed to help him survive. Barcus soon finds himself in the middle of a planetary genocide of the local native population. He is unable to stand passively by as more people die, even if they are long lost colonists who fear “The Man From Earth” like children fear the monster under their bed. Will Barcus ever find his way home? Will he find out who is responsible? Will his rage just burn this world down? Or will he find his soul in the eyes of a starving, frightened woman?


Campyre Tales: Voices From The Dark | Raz T. Slasher


Every year Professor Price invites twelve of his Community College English students to a secret party out deep in the woods. He and his students take turn sharing thirteen spine tingling tales of terror! There may be more than just stories involved in this short horror story collection. Uncover the secrets of the Price family, while coming to terms with your darkest fears! No matter where your lurk, you too will hear the Voices From the Dark!


The Forest House | Tamara Rokicki

99 CENTS | Paranormal Romance

Dealing with anxiety and a dysfunctional family is bad enough, but it gets worse when Hera is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious house secluded in the middle of a forest. There she meets Aethen, the leader of the Ashar Coven, claiming to be a psychic vampire who feeds on human energy. If that’s not shocking enough, he insists that not only is she a psychic vampire as well, but also the High Priestess destined to lead the fight in a supernatural war. The Ashar Prophecy declares that Hera will Awaken in order to save her kind. If she fails, her people will be destroyed, shattering a long, intricate past. Hera’s role–and survival–become more complicated as her attraction to Aethen grows stronger each day. She is now trapped in a war between two vampire factions; one vicious and bloodthirsty, the other territorial and shrouded in secrets. Her future–and the future of her coven–rests in her hands. Will Hera find the strength to fulfill her destiny even if the secrets surrounding the Ashar Prophecy hide a terrible truth?


Hex and the Single Witch | Roxanne Rhoads

99 CENTS | Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

Anwyn Rose is descended from a long line of powerful witches yet she can barely cast spells young witchlings have mastered. She has one functioning witch gift, the power of knowing, which she puts to good use as a Detective on Flint’s Preternatural Investigation Team. It’s a new era in Vehicle City, supernaturals are running the town. The P.I.T has their hands full with paranormal crimes. Top priority is a serial killer, who appears to be a vampire, draining young women in the city. Anwyn is on the case with her sexy partner Detective Mike Malone. Complicating things is her relationship Galen, a vampire who looks more guilty than innocent, although Anwyn trusts her instincts even if her power is on the fritz. Mysterious spells, compromising situations, and a possible demon on the loose make it hard to focus on the case, but Anwyn has to make things right before the human police execute the wrong vampire. Hex and the Single Witch contains magick, a little bit of mystery, a lot of supernatural mayhem, and a sexy love triangle that will leave you wanting more.


Presenting: The Aftermath (Book One of the Ready Rocker Series) | Lord Veil

99 CENTS | Action/Horror

Nuclear blasts have created zombie like savages known as Radies in the fallout zone. World famous rock star Shannon Kelly must use his tour buses to escort military personnel and survivors through the fallout zone and hundreds of thousands of Radies to the safety of the coast.

Madrona 1 EB - Nanea Knott

Madrona Witch | Kai Bertand 

99 CENTS | Dark Urban Fantasy

When Death is always close, survival in the house of the Matriarch requires obedience, but it’s not always enough. Cheyenne DuMonet and her family live a restrictive life in the coven. Each of them knows they continue to draw breath for two reasons, the first is that they follow the rules set for them by The Matriarch. The second is that they are related to her. the bloodline can’t continue if she kills them all. Cheyenne and her three sisters will have mates chosen for them by their great grandmother, but fate is not kind. One of the sisters tries to escape the coven and suffers severe consequences. The Matriarch murders another. The fate of a third will be determined by a duel. Finally, Cheyenne could be the key to turning a myth into prophecy. If it’s true, their iron fisted ancestor will kill her. The elements will rise and chaos will reign, as the world of the DuMonet family unravels in ways none of them could have imagined. Get your copy of book one today and experience the terror of being a Madrona Witch.

LL Hunter

First Glance | L.L. Hunter

99 CENTS | Adult Crime Thriller/Mystery

What if you had the ability to see into the future? What if you knew how someone might die? Would you do something about it? This is Adelaide Paige’s dilemma. She wakes up one day with the ability to see into the future, but she has no desire to be a savior. All Adelaide wants is to graduate college and to become a Forensic Scientist… maybe even date a little. She just wants an ordinary life. But her world is turned upside down when two dead girls turn up at the local morgue where she works. Adelaide soon discovers that these cases are not your everyday cases, but there is a serial killer out there. Someone who is murdering young women just like her. She has a decision to make. Choose to reveal her secret and risk losing those closest to her? Or remain in the background and let the police handle it? Will Adelaide make the choice in time to save those she loves… or even herself… from a similar fate? A thrilling NA contemporary novel from the author of The Garden of Eden, The Legend of the Archangel Series, and Treacherous.


Blood | Ruth Miranda

$1.50 | Dark Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Fantasy

‘Chaos’ Nilsson has it all: a successful career in the music industry, fame, money, the girl. He also has a monkey on his back, brought about by the visions that plague his mind and haunt his every waking moment; visions that will only be quietened when he numbs himself with generous amounts of alcohol and drugs. After an accident that nearly costs him his life, he embarks on a journey of self discovery, in search of his roots and the secret to the blood coursing through his veins.


An Old Soul | Kristyn Gansen

99 CENTS | Middle Grade Horror

Until that night, Mira thought she was alive. Answers from a creepy Ouija board have done nothing but raise questions for twelve-year-old Mira. When a series of strange events follow the Ouija game—including the discovery of a gravestone with her name on it—Mira sets out to find out just what exactly happened to her twelve years before. A new boy in town does nothing to quell Mira’s fears. James dresses in strange clothes, hangs out in the cemetery, and makes bold claims about Mira’s past. As she gets to know the new boy, Mira wonders if James could hold the answers to all of her creepy questions. Together, Mira and her best friend work to find out what, exactly, the new boy has to do with Mira’s past—before he can impact her future. With An Old Soul, author Kristyn Gansen has crafted a wonderfully creepy tale for children ages 10-14. Grab a copy today!


Twice Lost | Jennifer Field

99 CENTS | Paranormal Romance

Jenna Thanatos is discovering that life isn’t what it always seems. Just an ordinary girl with a healthy sexual appetite, she soon learns there are such things that “go bump in the night” and she’s one of them. Harbinger. Female Harbinger. The thing of legends, a myth foretold by ancient seers, but it couldn’t be true. She was just her. Besides, things like that didn’t exist. After being kidnapped, shot at, chased, and sprouting wings, she wasn’t so sure anymore. Timoteus, an ancient Harbinger, has been searching for Jenna for years after finding out that she truly did exist, keeping a long-term promise to an old friend to watch over his family line. His duties were to protect her, train her, and make the foretold prophecy come to fruition. After saving Jenna, they find themselves still being hunted, landing Tim right in the middle of an operation he never dreamed could exist. Can she accept who she really is? Can she save the sexy men in her life before it’s too late? Join Jenna on her life altering journey and learn what it’s like to be a Harbinger.

Between-Two-Minds-1877x3000-Amazon-300dpi - David W

Between Two Minds: Awakening | D C Wright-Hammer

99 CENTS | Sci-fi Psychological Thriller (dark)

How much would you pay for the body of your dreams? For Ryan, it might cost him everything. A lifelong paraplegic, transferring his mind into a physically fit host seems like a no-brainer. But soon after the procedure, walking becomes an afterthought when a strange and frightening side effect threatens the very reality Ryan once knew.



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