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The Forgotten Queen

The Forgotten Queen stands at the edge of the Black Creek, watching a small patrol boat burn by her spelled sword’s command and the new magic within her. Her dress, woven of white fog and black shade, twists and sways against the soggy bank, an act it often does according to the wearers mood.

Cast from her throne as a child, the Forgotten Queen learned and studied under the hands of the Dark Ones, formidable creatures who practice forbidden magic and live under the realm’s castle. They had been subjected to the ancient tunnels years ago by usurpers who had swarmed the castle at the dead of night and killed the king. As the assassins for the royals, they hadn’t gone quietly and vowed to teach the surviving queen – the only royal they were able to save – their ways in hopes she may take back her throne, no matter the cost.

Moans of the sinful dead whisper from the lake, their blood and souls sentenced to forever wade in its shallow depths. The souls of her new kills will only add to its residents, their past murderous deeds still fresh in the Forgotten Queen’s memory.

The fire disappears and the final tendril of black smoke sluggishly rises, seeking the stars. She gazes across the creek, the moon hovering above the horizon and shining a beacon on the castle meant to be hers.

She will make them pay, and she’ll use every ounce of her acquired magic to make each of them bow before her.

Published by

DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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