Book Freebie Tuesday

Sometimes, finding a free book can help us discover our new favorite author. At bookfunnel, we tend to find some real gems. I once picked up a book there, and I’ve been hooked on the author ever since.

This week’s freebie book fair is FANTAS-based, and LOTS of it. Click link below to head there!

Supernatural Book Fair

Next week, I’ll have some more for you, as well as the weeks following. I want to be able to offer my following, and those that stumble across my website, something they can value. If you don’t  have a bookfunnel account, go sign up. It’s SUPER easy, and works for both Kindle and Nooks/Ibooks.

Check back next week guys!

D. Fischer – 19 published books


A Gifted Curse    Out of the Darkness

Above This Grave     Caught in the Crossfire


Reborn    Disobedient    Rift    The Vault

Decimate and Ruin coming 2019


Book One   Book Two   Book Three


When Hope Was Forgotten   Cure The Enemy

A Cold Soul


at D. Fischer’s Amazon


Published by

DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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