mommy adventures, mom life, parenting advice, entertain the kids

“Roll On The Wall” Mommy Adventures


mommy adventures, mom life, parenting advice, entertain the kids

I know – I normally do a freebie post today, but I’m saving that for Thursday. Something special is happening Thursday. *cheeky grin*

A while back, my husband and I redid my office. According to him, it is ‘our’ office, but… well… you know how it is. *insert Finding Nemo’s screaming  mantra of “mine, mine, mine”*

See the source image

Anyway. When we redid it, we really just set it up to be a functioning work space suitable for a writer: duel screens, reclining chair, bookshelves, story boards, and least but not lease – A GIANT WHITE BOARD WALL.

No photo description available.

Yes. Yes this is true. And no, it wasn’t expensive. It’s way cheaper than buying the actual board, and works just the same.

Welcome whiteboard paint! There’s surprisingly many different brands and products out there for this – all of which I knew nothing about – but this is what we had bought.dry erase wall

Check it out!

As a working mother, there’s time when I need to get some work done while the kids are awake. Surprising, I know. But I felt terrible for it. I needed to work, and all they wanted from me was a play buddy.

It turns out, this white board wall was not only excellent for keeping track of my book’s worlds, but spectacular for my kids’ imagination. I receive new little drawings every week on this wall, accompanying my many notes littered all over the surface. It makes work seem less like work, AND brings a smile to my face when I congratulate them for their stick figure, only to find out its a tree. I’m a happy momma knowing they’re ‘working’ right along with me.

So, whether your purpose is to find something harmlessly entertaining for your little doodlers, or you have a serious dislike for sticky notes and scratch pads, consider rolling the whiteboard paint on a less-likely-to-be-used wall. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done as an author, and as a busy mother. 

Conquer the world, mommies! Roll it on the wall! Don’t forget whiteboard accessories!

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