A Book Recommendation: The Ashen Touch Trilogy by Kristy Nicolle | Dark Fantasy Meets Greek Mythology

That is such a sexy book banner. Amazing books need a great banner.

A while back, I found Kristy Nicolle on social media. I kept seeing the cover of her first book in the Ashen Touch Trilogy everywhere I scrolled on social media. Every click, every reader group, every newsfeed, BOOM, the woman with flaming hair. Naturally, my curiosity was poked.

See the source imageAt the time, the book was available only for pre-order. I read the blurb, was further intrigued, and then pressed the little yellow button on Amazon’s bookstore, ensuring I’d get the novel delivered on release day. When this flaming gem finally released, I eagerly powered on my kindle and started reading.

See the source image

I was amazed at what I read. Kristy Nicolle has a way to her writing that forces you to literally standing right in the scene with the characters. Each house, each room, each character, is described in perfect detail. I swear to you, you could smell the surroundings. It was utterly beautiful.

As stated in the banner, this is a dark fantasy series devised of Greek Mythology legends. We get the reader’s pleasure of meeting already well-known characters, such as Haedes (my spirit animal), Hercules (the egotistical muscle head), Lucifer (written as a female), and many more characters.

Kristy Nicolle is a fantasy author whose series connect to one another. She’s know for her trilogies – The Queens of Fantasy – and she delivers beyond expectations with each new published book. I’ve begun reading her first trilogy, The Tidal Kiss, just the other week. It’s about mermaids, also Greek Mythology, and I am adoring the characters, world building, and plot so far.



I’ve spoken to Kristy about what she has coming next in her author career. Here’s what she said:

D. Fischer: Why Greek Mythology?
Kristy Nicolle: I think for me Greek Mythology is provocative. We see ourselves, our rage, our lust, our nature mirrored more so by the Gods of the Greek World than we do any other. For me, it wasn’t what made them Gods, but what made them so close and relatable to mortals which drew me to the stories of Ancient Greece, and why I’ve been able to interpret some of the more famous myths in the way I have. Making those figures of myth into actual characters for me was an obvious jump, because their personalities and reactions are so resonant of that of your average person.

D. Fischer: What makes your series unique?
Kristy Nicolle: The interconnectivity of this series makes it wholly unique. The way these worlds lock together and the way in which they reframe myths and stories we’ve grown up with and come to know so well is something I’ve not seen done before. I also love the way I feel like this is real reporting on the history of our world. So, we have the Muses that have been acting as biased reporters for so many years, and this is the real story behind the art, poetry, literature and drama that they’ve inspired, and which have been passed down and become myth and legend through the ages. The premise excites me greatly because I feel like it really is unique to my stories, and I’m very lucky to have found that.
Furthermore, this saga is part of an even larger universe called The Kristy Nicolle Fantasy Infiniverse and will encapsulate what is predicted to be close to seventy novels, shorts, and novellas, exploring these interconnected dimensions from a variety of different angles and points of view.

D. Fischer: This is all so great, Kristy. What’s next? What series do you currently have in the works?
Kristy Nicolle: I’m currently working on the final trilogy in the Queens of Fantasy Saga- The Aetherial Embrace. This trilogy links loosely to The Ashen Touch Trilogy and its predecessor The Tidal Kiss Trilogy, and brings the saga full circle by introducing the final Queen of Fantasy, Kairi. This series is more epic fantasy than anything I’ve done before, and the first book is anticipated to release in Fall 2019.

To begin Kristy Nicolle’s Queens of Fantasy/Infiniverse books (all on Kindle Unlimited as well):

A Free Book – Tidal Kiss Trilogy – Ashen Touch Trilogy – Kristy Nicolle’s Website


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