An Audible Book Review: Six of Crows: Leigh Bardugo



I’m not feeling well, but let’s see if I can get through this review!

I picked up Six of Crows by recommendation. I’ve seen the covers everywhere, and like all forms of the book lover’s peer pressure, I gave in and snagged my audible copy from amazon. Crows are badass, right?

Here’s my review.

I’m giving this five stars because the story is well-written and well-plotted. I could tell Leigh put much thought into her characters and the story line. Each character truly had their own uniqueness, enjoyably bold personalities, and the storyline was cunning, clever, AND a tad predictable (not a flaw, but instead, felt more like a gamble).

But, believe it or not, I didn’t enjoy the book.

While it was excellent writing and probably an intriguing story for most, I didn’t like the story at all. This is a personal preference, and in no way will it have any sway on my review nor completely avoiding the author’s other books altogether. This is a solid novel, and well worth the money. Leigh Bardugo is a gifted author and I do plan to try out more of her books, but not the next in this series.

Here’s what turned me off about the story:

With the audio version, each character had their own audio actor. While the actors are insanely talented, almost tailored to fit the character, it threw me off at each character swap. It took me a good few minutes just to concentrate on what was happening in the story because of this. It also prevented me from truly connecting with a character. My fault – I should have looked to make sure it was one voice before purchasing, because I don’t like several actors for one book. It’s just too much, like a sensory overload. However, if this is your thing then go for it. The actors are really gifted.

I also found myself not enjoying the fantasy aspect of it.

Hold your horses – there’s nothing wrong with what Six of Crow has, but I tend to be more on the side of a lot of power and magic wielders than just the few this book provides. I did like that there was at least one power wielder as a main lead, but it wasn’t enough for this fantasy-loving freak. The story felt like a fantasy version of Oliver Twist, and while Oliver Twist is a legend, I never was a fan of it either. Again, this is personal preference.

All in all, the book is full of action. Whenever I found myself getting a tad bored of the book, Leigh seemed to just ‘know’ and threw in a good action scene or drama of some sort. There are many twists the author was clever enough to include, not plot twists, but schemes. That was neat! Leigh has a gifted mind for such things, and I admit, I wouldn’t have thought of using half the stuff she had her characters do to get their job done.

Check out SIX OF CROWS here.

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