A Book Review: The Atonement Trilogy: Bryan Gifford


I plucked this book from Zon’s shelf for a few reasons. One: That cover though. Don’t deny it – we all judge a book by its cover.  Two: Swords. Fantasy and swords. War. Revenge. Seriously, nothing could go wrong here. Three: This series was all over my social media. Curiosity had swept in and took control.

Since Game of Thrones had ended, I’ve been on a fantasy war kick. I was scavenging the Zon for anything to replace my beloved show. This one . . . oh yes, this one *happy sigh* did an excellent job in filling that void.

This is Gifford’s first series, and I couldn’t tell one bit. I opened the book, read the first few chapters, and then messaged him with a “man, you have some serious skills.” Because he does. Because he’s talented. And because I know for a fact I’m going to see this series hit the top charts.

This is the type of series, writing style, vocabulary, and plot structure, every reader craves, not to mention relatable characters. I felt like I knew Cain as soon as I read the first page. From there, Gifford takes us through a brutal, enthralling, action-packed journey that often had my heart hammering against my ribs. I know everyone says this but . . . There was no putting this book down. There were a few nights I was holding my eyelids open for just “one more page.”

I haven’t yet read the last in the series – it just came out – but I’ve heard many people were blown away.

Are you missing Game of Thrones? Click here and let The Atonement Trilogy fill the void.



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