Iowa Book Signing

Real quick, before the book signing info, I want to give a reminder about our upcoming release, Rise of the Realms Book Four, Decimate. I say, “our” because even though I wrote it, books are for everyone, not just for me, so it should be celebrated as a group and not as an individual 🙂

Now, Decimate releases July 16th! Make sure you pre-order your copy. Why am I asking for pre-orders? It all boils down to Amazon Rankings. The more the book sells, the better the rankings, the more Amazon will show the novel to new readers. This is highly important to authors. Please make sure you reserve a copy!

Decimate (Rise of the Realms Book Four), an epic fantasy and dark fantasy horror adventure, releases on July 16th.

Okay! Let’s move on to the book signing.

I’ll be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July 6th signing books. If you live in or around Eastern Iowa, I’d love to see you. Below is a button to click for more information. If you plan to go, please say so. 🙂

I’m also taking requests for 2020 book signings. US only please. If you’d like to see me in your city, feel free to email me.

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