Free sneak peak of Rise of the Realms Book Five

A series for fans of throne of glass, red queen, and six of crows.

Dropping by to give you a snippet into chapter one of Ruin (Rise of the Realms: Book Five), the action-packed final novel of the series.



This is total decimation, complete obliteration. This is the kind of magic people fear. This is the sort of thing people run from, not hide behind. Dark and deadly. Vicious and malevolent. This power is only meant for one thing: to leave everything in ruin.

And yet, we were too late. I was too late. If I had left minutes earlier, maybe even seconds, I could have helped save some of them.

The flames had seemingly sprouted from the earth, travelling across the ground, reaching wherever the wielder wished, like tiny tornadoes sprouting from cracked dirt. The vampires had screamed, roared to the heavens as their bodies became torches before poofing to nothing but ash and dust. 

Covered in scales, Kat had crumpled to the ground when the last flame left her. Back bowed, she’d sobbed and sobbed until there was nothing left to give, steam rising as soon as the tears left her eyes and touched her hot scales. 

We had watched on, our hearts breaking with it, but Dyson advised me to stay away until she was ready. He asked me to wait and let her grieve, pointing to her mother’s dead body.


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DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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