A Reader’s Quarantine Relief List

So many authors are providing their own version of relief packets. For this post, I thought I’d share some with you. Some are free or discounted for a limited time.

I hope you are well. Comment and tell me how you’ve been occupying your time since quarantine began.


D. Fischer’s Giveaway

Kristy Nicole’s Giveaway


D. Fischer’s Free E-Book

Casey L. Bond’s Free E-Book

Connie Suttle’s Free E-book

G. K. Lund’s Free E-book

K. N. Lee’s Free E-book

Linda K. Hopkin’s Free E-Book

Martin Wilsey’s Free E-book

Humphrey Quinn’s Free E-Book

Ron C. Nieto’s Free E-Book

Melissa Wright’s Free E-Book

L. S. O’Dea’s Free E-Book

C. J. Archer’s Free E-Book

Karen Lynch’s Free E-Book

Free Prime Reading: 

Laurie Forest’s Free Prime-reading E-Book

Discounted E-Books

T. L. Martin’s Discounted E-Book

Jennifer Field’s Discounted E-Book

K. A. Fox’s Discounted E-Book

K. F. Breene’s Discounted Book

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DV Fischer

USA TODAY Bestselling & Award-Winning Author

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