Christmas in July | An Online E-Book Fair

Welcome to the Christmas in July E-Book Fair! There’s over 100 PNR, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi e-books to choose from.

This fair begins on July 19 and will run until July 25. Please share with your fellow book-besties!

Copy and Paste to share:


– – Enter to win an Amazon Gift Card and over a dozen books. – –

A special thank you to Silver Dagger Book Tours for all you’ve done to help spread the word.

This fair is also sponsored by:

The Christmas in July Online E-Book Fair is brought to you by D. Fischer and Divinus Kingdom Publishing. All links are Amazon Affiliate links. Not all e-books are discounted. Not all books are appropriate for all audience ages. Giveaway is hosted by Divinus Kingdom Publishing. In no way is Amazon, WordPress, Facebook, or Google associated with this book fair or giveaway.

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