“Is this what it feels like to be loved? To feel so . . . whole? To feel put back together when you didn’t know you were in pieces?”  – Makenna Goldwin

“You know how every story has a hero? And they risk their life for those of others? Don’t be that hero.”  – Makenna Goldwin

“If a female ever touches you –again—if you ever let another one touch you again—I’ll gut you both like a fish and use your intestines as garland for this year’s Christmas tree.”  – Makenna Goldwin

Well, if we all got our way and dear old Mother Nature wasn’t in the picture, you’d be wrinkle free.”  – Kelsey Rylend

A shot a day keeps the shrink away.” – Brenna Johnson

If he thinks he can have me whenever he wants just because he knows I’ll respond to him, he has another thing coming. I’m nobody’s plaything. I’m not an ego-stroker. He has two hands—he can stroke his own damn ego.” – Brenna Johnson

Well, aren’t we two scoops of grumpy and a bowl of bitchy this evening.” – Flint Rockland