A Book Recommendation: Blood Destiny by Connie Suttle

I was a late bloomer when it came to my reading habits. Sure, I read throughout my whole life, but most of it was homework related as a teen. I didn’t actually start loving it until I needed it.

All readers need their books. We can’t help it, and when we find what genre we belong to (sometimes none specific at all) nothing feels more complete in the depths of our souls… besides our kids and husband *wink*.

Books are life: the air we crave, the imagination we endlessly desire, and the sanity we actively seek.

One of the first series I truly fell in love with was Connie Suttle’s Blood Destiny series. Each of Connie Suttle’s books have so much imagination and detailed thought put into them, I was drawn to it instantly. I was just blossoming my love for vampires at the time I found Connie on the Zon. And, as an added bonus, and to my utter glee, her books are truly meant for adults. (By adults, I mean you won’t find teenage drama in these clean written books.)

If you’re tired of wandering through search engines looking for vampire books, please, pick these up.

I should note, before I continue, that these books begin as an urban fantasy, but Connie’s writing and series dive into Sci-Fi. They’re excellent though, and I can proudly say she is one of the few Sci-Fi queens I’ll actually nab a soon as it hits the virtual shelves.

Vampire series for adults.

If you’d like to check it out, click here.

A little about the series:

Lissa is a older woman who lost her husband. On the day she grieves for his loss, drowning her sorrows over alcohol – she’s transformed into a vampire against her will amongst the tears of her broken heart. But don’t worry, this isn’t a dark series by any means. It’s tastefully written.

Females are rare amongst vampires, and quickly, the rest of the species take notice of her. But that’s not all – she has magical capabilities suited for a queen…

Every time someone asks me who had inspired me to write, I answer with Connie Suttle. All of her series connect to one another, dip into different sub genres and worlds and species, and hundreds of characters I can relate to and will never forget. That’s a lot of ‘ands,’ but… her books are the kind every reader jumps for joy trying to explain.

Check them out. Begin with book one!

Connie Suttle’s Blood Destiny series, a clean vampire series for adults

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