Audiobook Review: The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth

Awhile back, I had listened to Carve the Mark. Without having revisited my review’s blog post, I believe I mentioned that I didn’t like the audio version, nor was I particularly interested in the storyline.

As a Sci-Fi Dystopian Fantasy of sorts (because really, there’s heavy elements of all three), it does have its own intrigue, but I felt that Carve the Mark was such a safe novel. Compared to Roth’s other series, I felt unsettled by the vast differences in story-telling.

I was given the opportunity to listen to Fates Divide, so of course I did. I went in with high hopes, too! But, again, ended the book feeling exactly the same as the first. And worse, it dragged on.

I understand that not every series an author publishes is going to be for everyone. I also understand that not every series will be a five star series. It is this reason alone that I’ll give it five stars, because I know someone, somewhere, will or have enjoyed the series. The writing is great, the character development is great. The world building is great. The sci-fi is there. And the fantasy is in your face.

I’ll note that though this is action-packed, it’s character driven. For the audio version, it is voiced by two different actors (another thing I’m not a fan of). It’s too distracting.

Have you read the series yet? What are your thoughts?

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