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Dream A Little Dream

Yesterday, I slept from 5:00 pm, to 7:30 am this morning. Did I mean to? No. Do I feel amazing right now? Heck yes. I haven’t slept that long since before I got pregnant with my first child, 8 years ago.

My head is clear, my thoughts are sharp and focused, and I’m enjoying the euphoria that comes along with it. The blue is bluer, the coffee caresses my taste buds with a significant delight. Last night, my dreams were focused and I have several ideas I’m implanting inside Rise of the Realms, Book Two: Disobedient.

Why am I telling you this? Because it has me thinking. An average author generally doesn’t get enough sleep. At least this author doesn’t. Five to six hours of sleep is normally what I get.

Stories constantly form in my head, even when I’m cozy inside a heated blanket, nestled against a plush feather pillow. Even when I count the invisible, fluffy white sheep. When I’m dreaming – I dream of the worlds I’ve built within the pages. And much to my utter dismay, I work a lot outside of writing. Between my day job, my author life, my parent and wife life, and a few extra things I do on the side revolving around books, I’m mentally exhausted. But, I push on, because there is only so many hours in a single, insignificant sliver of a day.

I’ve had days where I’ve felt like I’ve had enough sleep, and I push along, convincing myself I’m doing alright, and then one day, I break. It’s a vicious cycle, but I keep torturing myself with it. I get the blues, I don’t want to leave the couch, I become insensitive, and writing is a struggle. I know why famous authors, back in the day, had gone insane, or became alcoholics, or addicts: lack of decent sleep.

So, my message to you: SLEEP.

Don’t stay up late because it’s quiet enough to write, or focus on the tasks you didn’t get to earlier. It can wait. Your health can’t.

Speaking of dreams. How many of you dream of a fictional world? What is one dream that was so clear, so vivid, that you couldn’t ignore it? To this day, is it still stuck in your head?

Rise of the Realms constantly comes to me in a dream. Two days ago, one amazing person brought that dream to life, in the form of a book trailer. My dragon came to life. Check it out:


Fantasy Book Blast

Fellow authors and readers! You’ve probably noticed a few changes to the website. I’m prepping:

Next week I am hosting a large fantasy book blast promo, from Jan 18-20. This will feature fantasy books at a discount, free, or countdown deal. Don’t forget to stop back and check it out.

If you’re a blogger and want featured in it, get a hold of me.

If you’re a fantasy author and want your discounted book featured in it, get a hold of me.

If you’re a reader who loves fantasy, STAY TUNED 🙂


Fischer’s Opinion: Best Books of 2017

I know I hold no authority when it comes to ‘best books’ or ‘best written’ – yadda yadda – and I certainly don’t have any ‘badges of honor’ to pass around, but I think it’s important to reflect which books I read in 2017 that had a big impact on me.

I also believe it’s important to reflect on my on work. So, here it is!

Out of my own written works this year, Night of Terror was my favorite. It’s a true experience and very personal to me. I still get nervous when someone reads it, because this stuff, this horror, is something that I’ve just started sharing with my own family this year. I thought I was crazy, or on my way to crazy. However, since I’ve written and published it, many people have sought me out, thanking me for publishing it, sharing how scared they were when reading it, and then sharing their own personal experience. This isn’t the only experience I’ve had – This sort of ‘experience’ happened over the course of a decade. I self-diagnosed myself with night terrors, coupled with sleep paralysis and hallucinations, but after I wrote this book, much more happened, making me wonder if there’s is more to this. I plan to right more in this series.

Night of Terror by [Fischer, D.]




First Place:

Touched by Death by T.L. Martin

Touched by Death by [Martin, T.L.]

This book blew me away. Never had I thought I’d ever have a crush on Death. The writing is wonderful, the characters are well-developed, the plot is executed well. I had the book blues when I read the last page. Several times this year I have recommended it to other readers.

Second Place: 

Nefarious Vol Two: Honor the Suffering by Lucille Moncrief

Nefarious: Volume Two: Honor the Suffering by [Moncrief, Lucille]

I don’t normally read historical fiction, and steam punk is very new to me, but this book has a subtle paranormal twist, tying into the others in the series. Vampire’s should never be sparkly, and they certainly aren’t here. It was written so well that I could smell what was being described, hear the shots being fired, and feel his sorrow and guilt. This author has a talent for putting so much ‘feel’ into a small amount of words.

Third Place:

The Opal Blade by Kristy Nicolle

The Opal Blade (The Ashen Touch Trilogy Book 1) by [Nicolle, Kristy]

Let me just say that this author knows how to world build. Holy crap. And secondly, her characters have such a distinct personality, that I felt like I knew them from the first words that popped out their mouth. The humor in this book is golden. You can really see the author’s personality shine through. The twists in Greek mythology were amazing. I swear to you, Hades and I would make great friends.

Fourth Place:

Absolute Surrender (Fallen Guardians #1) by Georgia Lyn Hunter

Absolute Surrender (Fallen Guardians 1) by [Hunter, Georgia Lyn]

I was recommended this book by one of my beta’s. I have a thing for strong female leads. You know, the kind that are so witty it’s inspiring? And good grief Aethan is sexy. The level of rising heat between Echo and Aethan is amazing and once they stubbornly reach that scene . . . *WOW*. This author is excellent at world building and twisting the legends that already exist.

Fifth Place:

The Seer’s Daughter (Beyond The Grave Series: Book One) by Athena Daniels

The Seer's Daughter (Beyond The Grave Series Book 1) by [Daniels, Athena]

HOLY crap this book! I hardly ever go for horror – I have enough of that in my own life. But Paranormal Romance PLUS horror… WHAT an excellent combination. I could feel the chill, I jumped a few times while reading . . . everything she wrote was so believable, I couldn’t help but wonder if she has some personal experience in this area.






Within 8 months, this is my success: 2017 Reflection

This year is one I’m proud of. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, filled with joys, failures, and blessings. I found something I find joy in, and that’s something to celebrate.

This year, I started writing. It was more of a bucket-list subject of mine, something I wanted to do with this wonderful life I’ve been granted. I never thought it’d end up like this. I never thought I’d be published, selling books, my books on display at shops, a readers following, but here I am…

I started writing my first book January 3, 2017, A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One). I was an avid reader before a writer and stories began forming in my head. My husband was away on business for three months and I grew lonely. Eventually, I was tired of reading everyone else’s world, sat down with a tablet (because that’s all I had), and began clicking away with my fingers, building my own world, my own characters that I adore. ‘

I published A Gifted Curse April 27, 2017. I went into this not knowing what I was getting myself into. I started asking around for Read to Reviews, found a few who were willing. Many of those became beta readers for me, because to be honest, I needed them. My first book is crap, compared to where I am now with my writing style. I’m not tooting my own horn – this is just a fact. So if you read or have read A Gifted Curse, hang in there.

Today, I have NINE books on Amazon under my pen name D. Fischer. This is an amazing goal. In 8 months time, this is my success.

A few months ago, I joined an author friend writing a short story series. Under the pen name Penelope Pattelbottom, we have NINE published books.

So, combined, I have EIGHTEEN published works on the market. It blows my mind every time I think about it.

Here’s my success in a nutshell:

  • Instagram Followers: 143
  • Twitter Followers: 356
  • Facebook Followers: 186 + 254 + 569 new friends.
  • Email Followers: 1,700+ (This has been trimmed twice this year for inactive subscribers) + 27
  • Street Team Friends: 26
  • Goodreads Followers: 129 + 67 new friends
  • ARC Team of 25 members
  • I have books on Smashwords and Amazon. My books are in a few libraries, as well as a gift shop in my own town.
  • Participated in numerous online book parties
  • A relaunch book tour for the Cloven Pack Series
  • Learned to make graphics and my own covers
  • Started a team of like-genre authors to help support and share each other’s work


My failures/lessons learned in a nutshell:

  •  Twitter ads do not work
  • Never give away gift cards at a book party
  • Marketing budget is important
  • Book spending budget is important
  • Oh, I’m sure there is much more. So much more. But these are the first that come to mind.



My goals for 2018:

  • I will no longer be giving free books away, no matter how short the book is.
  • I will expand my readers reach, adding more of my published works to Smashwords. This is a trial and error, so we will see how it goes.
  • Publish two more books in Rise of the Realms (A series of four books)
  • Start a new series
  • I want to become a full-time writer (this is far-fetched for this coming year, but I still want to do it. I plan to fight for what I want.)
  • Write the second true short story for Night of Terror
  • This is also far-fetched, and I have yet to share my goals with my co-author, but I’d like Penelope Pattelbottom’s books to reach 30 this year.
  • Find my target audience for Rise of the Realms

I’m the type who is spontaneous. I’ll set goals, but I often veer off, doing something entirely different. There’s a chance that this list of goals is too small. I’m excited to see where 2018 takes me and I hope that you join me for the ride.


Rise of the Realms!



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